In 2003, pregnant journalist Carla Sinclair, author of Net Chick, and her husband Mark Frauenfelder, founder of Wired Online and co-founder of today’s most linked-to blog in the universe BoingBoing, took flight to Rarotonga with dreams of a peaceful oasis in which to emerge from a writing rut. Carla and Mark’s mixed review of living off the grid entitled Island Chronicles was published regularly in LA Weekly and the two managed to keep their sanity and their children alive just long enough to hatch Make Magazine and the recently launched Craft Magazine. In the past 4 years, Make has saved DIY-culture from the clutches of teapot cozy-obsessed grandmas and has made reclamation, refurbishing and tinkering into a geek-chic pastime.

Why am I going on about Carla and Mark? This weekend is Maker Faire, San Mateo – the premier event for deviant artists, zoetropers, lego builders, alternative energy enthusiasts, bicycle repairers, engineers, crafters and even dumpster divers. I’ve had my tickets for more than a week and am surprised that I haven’t peed the bed in anticipation.

Some of the Canadian Makers featured in Make Magazine include Montreal’s bike overhauler Gerry Lauzon, the University of British Columbia and their Home Molecular Genetics Instructions and engineer Steve Napp’s Solar-Powered Prius Project.

Move over Red Green. Something tells me that this weekend’s event will blow your folksy duct tape solutions out of the water.